Return to Work examinations are performed to determine if the employee has the abilities to return to the usual occupation.The information provided will allow the employer to match the employee's abilities with the job demands.The identification of future risks of injury will benefit the safety and welfare of the employee, as well as with reducing costs for the employer.
Post Offer Employment Testing
The cost of the program is only a small fraction of your current Workers' Compensation and Long Term Disability Insurance premiums. For example, workers' compensation premiums can average 4-5% of the employees' monthly wage. This means the premium for an employee who earns $10.00 per hour can cost up to $64-80 per month. A POET program usually eliminates 5-10% of tested subjects due to their physical inability to perform the work. One client saved over $2 million on a $15,000 investment in the first year by testing only 104 employees. Thus, savings should far outweigh the costs.*

  • Computer assisted evaluation provides high objectivity. The BTE Technologies system is one of the only scientifically researched positional tolerance and time-motion tests of its kind.
  • 24 hour turn-around for reports equates to quicker return to work with less money spent on claims.
  • Evaluation results have proven defensible in a court of law based on researched and published standards.
  • The ability to simulate a large variety of occupations through advancedincluding test results that equate to an 8, 10, or 12 hour day.
  • Real-time heart rate allows for the highest level of safety for the client as well as the ability, at any given point during the evaluation, to cross-checkthe client's complaints of pain to the expected physiological responses.
  • Independent measurements of right vs. left upper extremities during simultaneous tasks allow for an accurate representation of the client's job abilities.